Saturday, March 21, 2009

3 Myths About Building Beautiful Lawns . . . .
It’s How You Cut the Grass That Makes a Big Difference in Your Lawn’s Quality

Lawn mowing isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s probably the most underrated and overlooked part of good lawn care.

Let me explain . . . .

Myth #1: “Cutting grass short lengthens the time between cuts”. Scalping your lawn is a bad idea because . . . . the grass usually grows faster trying to genetically rebuild itself. Plus, the grass suffers stressful consequences such as: dehydration and the promotion of weed growth; increased moisture and nutritional demands; and the reduction of available chlorophyll to fuel healthy new growth.

Mowing is actually “pruning the lawn” so the ideal practice is never remove more than 1/3 of the blade length at a time except towards the end of the season. A shorter cut as winter approaches in Spokane allows the grass blades to dry faster and helps head off early spring fungal issues such as snow mold.

Myth #2: “Mowing the grass short provides lots of clippings that help fertilize the lawn”. Actually, short cutting not only shocks the lawn, but the large amount of grass clippings mat down and suffocates the living grass blades choking off air, water and sun rays from penetrating into the soil. This creates bad conditions which causes yellowing of the grass, encourages disease and ultimately leads to an unhealthy lawn.

Cutting the grass at the proper height allows the right amount of clippings to drop onto the lawn providing an organic layer of fertilizer, which breaks down and decays naturally providing 1/3 of your lawn’s nitrogen needs.

Myth #3: “Sharpening your mower blade once a year is enough”. Not hardly! Dull blades rip off rather than cut the tops of grass blades causing rough, ragged edges. The grass tips then become stressed turning brown which causes them to lose moisture and become more vulnerable to disease spores.

Sharpening your mower blades for every 8 hours of operation will eliminate these conditions and help your lawn stay healthy.

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