Friday, March 20, 2009

ALERT: Routinely Cleaning Gutters Can Save Big Bucks!!

The replacement of rotten facia or gutter boards is expensive and often avoidable.

When the leaves fall gutters fill up very quickly with debris and when homeowners fail to remove them it can become a very costly mistake. Rain causes the runoff to immediately backup and overflow the clogged gutters, spilling over against the facia boards, trapping moisture between the gutter and facia boards.

With a little time facia boards begin retaining moisture eventually leading to deterioration of the wood surfaces, followed by wood rot. When wood rot compromises the integrity of the facia boards you have just extended an invitation to termites to find a new home at your residence. If the termite infestation is not detected early, these visitors can quickly move into the roofing system, namely the butt end of the rafters (for older homes) or the trusses (newer homes).

Once this occurs the cost skyrockets requiring not only the replacement of the facia boards but expensive repairs to the roofing system.The first line of defense is routine visual inspections to spot clogged gutters.

Any accumulation of leaves and other debris on the roof should be promptly removed to avoid trapping moisture that can penetrate into the roof sheathing. Make sure all facia boards are well painted to avoid moisture penetration.

When leaf accumulations are noted particularly during the fall season before winter sets in, take steps to remove them as soon as possible. At this time check the facia boards for any moisture penetration and make any necessary repairs to avoid termite infestations.

Remember putting off simple maintenance like gutter cleaning can turn into costly repairs.

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